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Our industry-leading recruitment marketing platform helps you know who’s on your site and how they’re engaging with your institution — giving your recruitment team insights to make more impactful connections.

How are people engaging with your site?
Feature Get Started Free
Full Platform
Data & Insights
Website Domains Tracked 1 Domain Unlimited
Website Pages Tagged and Tracked Unlimited Unlimited
Identified Visitor Tracking Unlimited Unlimited
Demonstrated Interest Tracking (CES/CAI)
Dashboards 1 Dashboard Multiple Dashboards
ROI Dashboard
UTM Tracking
Market Segmentation
Alerts to Staff 1 Unlimited
Daily Visitor Reports 1 Unlimited
Users & Partner Team
Number of Users 1 Unlimited
Custom User Roles
Dedicated Partner Success Manager
Dynamic Content & Campaigns
Progressive Identification (PID) Forms: Embedded or Popover 1 Unlimited
Academic Scholarship Calculator
Toaster Messages
Popover Messages: Static Images
Popover Messages: HTML w/Video
Image Swaps/Inserts
Triggered, Personalized Direct Mail
Triggered, Personalized Emails
Triggered, Personalized Text Messages
Dynamic Content Campaign Analytics
Campaign Calendar
Digital Advertising
Digital Ad Analytics (DDT)
Tech Details
Auto Provisioning
Campus IP Ranges Blocked
CRM/.CSV Uploads by Partner
Data Exports
CRM/SIS Integration
Quesitons you should be asking
The Perfect Pair

Maximize your CRM with marketing automation.

Your CRM is the foundation of your recruitment operation as it provides critical access and visibility into student data and communications.

But every CRM needs a recruitment marketing counterpart to grow your funnel and nurture prospective students through the enrollment lifecycle.

That’s where our recruitment marketing platform comes in, helping you:

  • See who’s on your website and how they’re engaging with your institution.
  • Identify stealth visitors and generate new, organic inquiries through engagement.
  • Focus time and resources on prospective students most likely to apply and enroll.
  • Deliver multichannel campaigns based on student behaviors to drive funnel actions.
  • See the impact of recruitment marketing tactics at each stage of the funnel and make smarter, data-driven decisions.
  • Augment your team, expand outreach, and do more — without adding headcount

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